Where is Dan?

“If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten out. And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.”

  • The generational anxiety of the C-word

    21st Mar 2020 by

    Corona. Say it once. Say it in isolation. Say it without context. Say it without words we knew before 2020 supporting its grammatical existence. Say it to yourself. Say it enough. Enough to measure its thighs and waist. And arm lengths, and chest. Analyze how easy it sounds. How symmetric it is. A consonant and… Read more

  • Existentialism of The Third Kind: Rang De Basanti

    16th Jan 2020 by

    “I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world, men who go to their deaths screaming, and men who go to their deaths in silence. Then I met a third kind.”  In a mela in some corner of Punjab, a crowd of villagers surrounds a circle. A huge wrestler is challenging civilians… Read more

  • Marriage Story Review: Criminalizing a Separation

    28th Dec 2019 by

    Love is difficult. It demands patience, asks for sacrifices, and makes you lose perspective. It changes you. You forget how you were before and every effort in recovering traces of a self that is unadulterated from all that came to be since the four-letter-word took form, seem futile. It’s messy and chaotic. Love is difficult. … Read more

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